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BioRich Medical™ is an industry leader in Autologous Regenerative Medicine™ dedicated to innovation. We are a national company based in Irvine, California specializing in exclusive and premium biologic devices that improve outcomes in regenerative cellular therapies.

With the most efficient, high quality, customizable products and experience of BioRich Medical™ and our team, we are changing how the body’s own naturally occurring regenerative cells can aggressively treat challenging disorders and improve patient outcome. BioRich Medical™ is your answer toward patient results with regenerative cellular therapies.

Our Foundation

Maximizing results are the foundation of BioRich Medical’s™ corporate culture toward solutions. Our products produce the purest concentration of regenerative cells, proteins and growth factors from only a small sample, and our systems are high-yield and the most efficient systems on the market validated by independent performance labs.

We maximize results with customizable options and a consultative approach, guidance and full training. With our team’s vast experience in biologics and medical devices, we have the knowledge to guide you to your best options and solutions.

Our Products

BioRich Medical™ represents the exclusive ProPlaz™ system and Emcyte Corporation’s premium devices PURE PRP and PURE BMC.  We also represents Adilight’s photomodulation device, a full line of sports and bone allograft tissue, and we partner with ultrasound technologies.

Our Team

Our team is client service-focused and encompasses background in orthopedics, pain management, spine and neuro, cardiovascular, podiatry, plastics, dermatology and general surgery. We are solution-driven and have the extensive knowledge and expertise to determine the best customized solution for doctors and their patients.

Training & Education

We ask the right questions to determine your needs.  We take the time and focus to discover customized solutions toward improved patient outcomes.  We are committed to educating you on innovation and information.