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PurePRP® and PUREBMC™ is a precedent-setting preparation containing high-yields and concentrations without red blood cells in a 7mL preparation. It is the only preparation where neutrophil concentrations are optional. PurePRP® and PUREBMC™ are the preferred treatment preparations over standard systems for Autologous Regenerative Therapies™. ProPlaz® The optimal environment for platelets to release their growth factors and cells within a natural scaffold. This protein plasma concentrate is created by ProPlaz®, which allows a more robust matrix in the natural ECM – an integral part of the healing cascade. All performance data is validated by an independent lab across all key criteria.

Platelet Rich Plasma

High Yield PRP

    • High-Yield PRP 30ml
    • High-Yield PRP 60ml
    • High-Yield PRP 120ml

ProPlaz PRP

  • ProPlaz PRP 60ml
  • ProPlaz PRP 120ml
  • ProPlaz Pure PRP 60ml
  • ProPlaz Pure PRP 120ml

High Yield Pure II PRP

    • High-Yield Pure ll PRP 30ml
    • High-Yield Pure ll PRP 60ml
    • High-Yield Pure ll PRP 120ml

Bone Marrow Concentrate

High Yield BMC

    • High-Yield BMC 30ml
    • High-Yield BMC 60ml
    • High-Yield BMC 120ml

High Yield Pure BMC

    • High-Yield Pure BMC 30ml
    • High-Yield Pure BMC 60ml
    • High-Yield Pure BMC 120ml


Executive II


Allogeneic Tissue



Sports Grafts